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Version: 4.2.0

Genesis file

Mainnet only

To configure a full node for the mainnet you need to use the following seed nodes. If you are looking for testnet seed nodes, please refer to this instead.

To connect to the desmos-mainnet, you will need the corresponding genesis file.

1. Download

Visit the mainnet repo and download the correct genesis file by running the following command.

# Download the existing genesis file for the mainnet
# Replace <chain-id> with the id of the testnet you would like to join
curl > ~/.desmos/config/genesis.json

2. Check

After the download, ensure it's the correct one by checking that it has the same hashsum below:

jq -S -c -M '' /root/.desmos/config/genesis.json | shasum -a 256
619c9462ccd9045522300c5ce9e7f4662cac096eed02ef0535cca2a6826074c4 -