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Version: 2.3


Inside Desmos, profile are the way that users could register their own identity.

Since this is a decentralized profile, every data inside it can be omitted except for the DTag which could be used to identify a Desmos wallet once the profile is created.

Profile can be enriched with some of your personal data that could be verified later on chain by providing some additional information.

Contained data

A profile contains different fields. Most of them are optional and can be edited.

DTag (string)

The DTag is a string of min 6 and max 30 characters that uniquely identifies the user. In order to be valid it needs to match the following RegEx:


Nickname (string)

The Nickname represents the name of the user. It can be either a combination of first, second and last name, or a completely invented name. Although we always suggest setting one, this field is completely optional. If specified, it has to be at least of 2 characters long.

Bio (string)

The Bio contains the biography of the user. It can be at most 1000 characters long.

Pictures (object)

The Pictures contains the pictures of the profile.

Account (object)

The Account represents the base Cosmos account associated with the profile and contains information such as the user's Bech32 address, public key etc...