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State sync testnet

Testnet only

The following seed nodes are to be used when configuring a full node for the testnet. If you are looking for mainnet seed nodes, please refer to this instead.

In order to use this feature, you will have to edit a couple of things inside your ~/.desmos/config/config.toml file, under the statesync section:

  1. Enable state sync by setting enable=true;

  2. Set the RPC addresses from where to get the snapshots using the rpc_servers field. You can find the state sync nodes at the testnet repo inside the folder with the name of the testnet that you want to join.

  3. Get a trusted chain height, and the associated block hash. To do this, you will have to:

    • Get the current chain height by running:

      curl -s <rpc-address>/commit | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height}"
    • Once you have the current chain height, get a height that is a little lower (200 blocks) than the current one.
      To do this you can execute:

      curl -s <rpc-address>/commit?height=<your-height> | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height, hash: .result.signed_header.commit.block_id.hash}"

      # Example
      # curl -s <rpc-address>/commit?height=100000 | jq "{height: .result.signed_header.header.height, hash: .result.signed_header.commit.block_id.hash}"
  4. Now that you have a trusted height and block hash, use those values as the trust_height and trust_hash values. Also, make sure they're the right values for the Desmos version you're starting to synchronize. You can check them looking inside the associated testnet folder here.

Here is an example of what the statesync section of your ~/.desmos/config/config.toml file should look like in the end (the trust_height and trust_hash should contain your values instead):

enable = true

rpc_servers = "<rpc-address-1>:26657,<rpc-address-1>:26657"
trust_height = <block-height>
trust_hash = "<block-hash>"
trust_period = "336h0m0s"
  1. Add peers to ~/.desmos/config/config.toml file:

    persistent_peers = "<peer-node-id-1>@<peer-address-1>:26656,<peer-node-id-2>@<peer-node-address-2>:26656",...."