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Install Desmos

Desmos is represented by the executable named desmos.

It contains the Command Line Interface (CLI) that you can use to interface with the Desmos blockchain, as well as the daemon that allows you take part to a Desmos blockchain either as a full node or a validator node.


The requirements you must satisfy before attempting to install Desmos are the following:

  • Having Go 1.15 or later installed.
    If you dont have it, you can download it here.

  • Having Git installed.
    If you need to install it, you can download the installer on the official website.

Installation procedure

To install desmos execute the following commands:

cd /home/$USER
git clone && cd desmos
make install

Verify the installation

To verify you have correctly desmos, try running:

desmos version

If you get an error like No command found, please make sure you have appended your GOBIN folder path to your system's PATH environmental variable value.


You have successfully installed desmos!