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Genesis file

Mainnet only

If you are looking for testnet genesis file, please refer to this instead.

To connect to the desmos-mainnet, you will need to download the correct genesis file.

1. Download

Visit the mainnet repo and download the correct genesis file by running the following command.

# Download the existing genesis file for the mainnet
# Replace <chain-id> with the id of the testnet you would like to join
curl > ~/.desmos/config/genesis.json

2. Check

After the download, ensure it's the correct one by checking that it has the correct hashsum like below:

jq -S -c -M '' ~/.desmos/config/genesis.json | shasum -a 256

The expected output should be:

619c9462ccd9045522300c5ce9e7f4662cac096eed02ef0535cca2a6826074c4 -