# Poll

The Poll object allows to specify the details of a poll that should be associated to a post. Please note that it is not necessary to associate a poll to each post. Instead, if you want to create a Post without any poll associated to it, you simply have to use the nil value for this field.

Following you will find a description for all the contained field of the Poll object.

# Question

This field contains the question that should be associated with the poll. It currently has no checks associated to it a part from the non-empty check.

# ProvidedAnswers

This field allows to specify a list of answers that are provided to the users willing to answer the poll.

Each answer should be composed of two attributes:

  • ID, which identifies uniquely inside the answers' list that answer.
  • Text, which contains the text of the answer itself.

The minimum number of answers that a poll must have is 2.

# EndDate

The EndDate field allows you to specify the date after which the poll should be considered closed and no longer accepting the answers.

# Open

This field tells whether the poll is still open and accepting new answers from users or not. Please note that the default value for this field is true and trying to create a poll with it set to false will result in an error.

During the chain execution, this field will be automatically changed to false when the EndDate is passed.

# AllowsMultipleAnswers

This field allows to specify whether or not the poll allows multiple answers from the same user. If set to true, the users will be able to specify more than one answer to the same poll. Otherwise, if set to false, each user will be allowed to answer with only one option to the poll.

# AllowsAnswerEdits

By setting this field to true, you will allow users to change their mind while the poll is still open, allowing them to change their answer(s). If set to false, they will not be able to do so and their final answer(s) will be the first one they give.