# MSgCreateSubspace

This message allows you to create a subspace. If you want to know more about the Subspace type you can check the related docs here

# Structure

  "@type": "/desmos.subspaces.v1beta1.MsgCreateSubspace",
  "id": "<ID of the subspace that will be created>",
  "name": "<Human readable name of the subspace>",
  "subspace_type": "<Indicates if users can post in it freely or not>",
  "creator": "<Desmos address of the subspace creator>"

# Attributes

Attribute Type Description
subspace_id String ID of the subspace to create
name String Human readable name of the subspace to create
subspace_type Enum Tells if users can post in it without being registered
creator String Desmos address of the subspace creator

The subspace_type field will only accept the following values:


# Example

  "@type": "/desmos.subspaces.v1beta1.MsgCreateSubspace",
  "id": "19de02e105c68a60e45c289bff19fde745bca9c63c38f2095b59e8e8090ae1af",
  "name": "mooncake",
  "subspace_type": "open",
  "creator": "desmos14dz9drkw0dyagnht5fnj6s63cwpxxkw8zsx7x9"

# Message action

The action associated to this message is the following: