# MsgReportPost

This message allows you to report a post. If you want to know more about the Report type, you can do so inside the Report type documentation page.

# Structure

  "@type": "/desmos.reports.v1beta1.MsgReportPost",
  "post_id": "<ID of the post to report>",
  "report": {
    "type": "<Report's type>",
    "message": "<Report's message>",
    "user": "<Desmos address that's creating the post>"

# Attributes

Attribute Type Description
post_id String ID of the post to report
type String Type of the report
message String Message of the report
user String Desmos address of the user that is reporting the post.

The type field will only accept the following values:

"suicide or self-harm",  
"fake news",  
"unauthorized sale",  
"hatred incitement",  
"promotion of drug use",  
"non-consensual intimate images",  
"children abuse",  
"animals abuse",  

# Example

  "@type": "/desmos.reports.v1beta1.MsgReportPost",
  "post_id": "301921ac3c8e623d8f35aef1886fea20849e49f08ec8ddfdd9b96feaf0c4fd15",
  "report": {
    "type": "scam",
    "message": "it's a trap",
    "user": "desmos1jnntz0xrql68mhjjsp82nlj9jrhgzc9t2ydtd5"

# Message action

The action associated to this message is the following: