# MsgRegisterReaction

This message allows you to register a new reaction.
If you want to know more about the Reaction type, you can do so inside the Reaction type documentation page

# Structure

  "@type": "/desmos.posts.v1beta1.MsgRegisterReaction",
  "short_code": "<reaction short code>",
  "value": "<url (identifing gif or image)>",
  "subspace": "<Reaction subspace>",
  "creator": "<Desmos address that's registering the reaction>"

# Attributes

Attribute Type Description
short_code String Short code that identifies the reaction (e.g. ":earth_hug:")
value String Value can be a URL identifing gif, images
subspace String Required string that identifies the subspace inside which the reaction will be registered
creator String Desmos address of the user that is registering the reaction

# Example

  "@type": "/desmos.posts.v1beta1.MsgRegisterReaction",
  "short_code": ":earth_hug:",
  "value": "https://gph.is/2p19Zai",
  "subspace": "4e188d9c17150037d5199bbdb91ae1eb2a78a15aca04cb35530cccb81494b36e",
  "creator": "desmos13s7p4jx3rj5pxjzlecxdvua68ex0sg7rug0pt3"

# Message action

The action associated to this message is the following: