# MsgSaveProfile

This message allows you to save a new profile or edit an existent one.

# Structure

  "@type": "/desmos.profiles.v1beta1.MsgSaveProfile",
  "dtag": "<Profile dtag>",
  "nickname": "<Profile nickname>",
  "bio": "<Profile biography>",  
  "profile_picture": "<URI of the profile account's picture>",
  "cover_picture": "<URI of the profile cover picture>",
  "creator": "<Desmos address that's creating the profile>"

# Attributes

Attribute Type Description
dtag String DTag of the user
nickname String (Optional) Nickname of the user
bio String (Optional) Biography of the user
profile_picture String (Optional) URL to the user profile picture
cover_picture String (Optional) URL to the user cover picture
creator String Desmos address of the user that is editing the profile

If you are editing an existing profile and do not want to edit some fields, you can use the special value [do-not-modify].

# Example

  "@type": "/desmos.profiles.v1beta1.MsgSaveProfile",
  "dtag": "Eva00",
  "nickname": "Rei Ayanami",
  "bio": "The real pilot",
  "profile_picture": "[do-not-modify]",
  "cover_picture": "https://shorturl.at/cgpyF",
  "creator": "desmos12a2y7fflz6g4e5gn0mh0n9dkrzllj0q5vx7c6t"

# Message action

The action associated to this message is the following: