# MsgBlockUser

This message allows you to block a specific user associated with a given address.

# Structure

  "@type": "/desmos.profiles.v1beta1.MsgBlockUser",
  "blocker": "<Desmos address that's blocking someone>",
  "blocked": "<Desmos address that's been blocked>",
  "reason": "<Reason of the block>",
  "subspace": "<Subspace of the block>"

# Attributes

Attribute Type Description
blocker String Desmos address of the user that is blocking someone else
blocked String Desmos address of the blocked user
reason String (Optional) reason for the block
subspace String String that identifies the app for which the block should apply

# Example

  "@type": "/desmos.profiles.v1beta1.MsgBlockUser",
  "blocker": "desmos1j83hlf5yn5839wgpege3z669r8j3lh2ggmtf5u",
  "blocked": "desmos15ux5mc98jlhsg30dzwwv06ftjs82uy4g3t99ru",
  "reason": "reason",
  "subspace": "4e188d9c17150037d5199bbdb91ae1eb2a78a15aca04cb35530cccb81494b36e"

# Message action

The action associated to this message is the following: