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ADR 022: Per-subspace token factory


  • April 28th, 2023: First draft;
  • May 8th, 2023: First review;
  • May 9th, 2023: Second review;


ACCEPTED Not Implemented


This ADR introduces a new feature that allows subspace admins to create, mint and burn new tokens.


Desmos is a social network protocol that allows users to create, share, and engage with content on a decentralized platform. It also provides the ability to create subspaces, which represent applications built on top of Desmos.

Currently, to post or interact with content within a subspace on Desmos, users are required to pay the gas fee using DSM (Desmos native token). This means that there is no direct financial incentive for creating a social network on Desmos itself.

By allowing subspace admins to mint custom tokens, we are going to enable the implementation of a custom tokenomic system within the subspace. This means that when users create or interact with content stored within a particular subspace, they may earn or spend these custom tokens. This will provide a new level of flexibility and incentive for users to actively participate within the subspaces.


We will wrap the CosmWasm Token Factory module with the following modifications:

  1. Instead of using the token creator address to compose the coin denom, we will use the subspace treasury address: factory/{trasury_address}/subdenom;
  2. Only the subspace treasury will be able to perform the admin-related operations.
  3. The CreateDenom action will burn dsm instead of send them to the community pool.

Msg Service

The messages used from this module will be the same as CosmWasm with the following modifications:

  1. Addition of a subspace_id field to all the messages, in order to identify for which subspace the operations are performed;
  2. Removal of the MsgChangeAdmin message, since the allowed admin will only be the subspace treasury account;
  3. Addition of a MsgUpdateParams message, in order to update the amount of coins that a subspace admin need to burn to execute a MsgCreateDenom.

Here is the Msg service for the MsgUpdateParams that we are going to add to the CosmWasm tokenfactory module:

service Msg {

// UpdateParams defines a (governance) operation for updating the module
// parameters. The authority defaults to the x/gov module account.
rpc UpdateParams(MsgUpdateParams) returns (MsgUpdateParamsResponse);

// MsgUpdateParams is the Msg/UpdateParams request type.
message MsgUpdateParams {
option (cosmos.msg.v1.signer) = "authority";

// authority is the address that controls the module (defaults to x/gov unless
// overwritten).
string authority = 1 [ (cosmos_proto.scalar) = "cosmos.AddressString" ];

// params defines the parameters to update.
// NOTE: All parameters must be supplied.
Params params = 2 [ (gogoproto.nullable) = false ];

// MsgUpdateParamsResponse defines the response structure for executing a
// MsgUpdateParams message.
message MsgUpdateParamsResponse {}

// Params are the module parameters.
message Params {
repeated cosmos.base.v1beta1.Coin denom_creation_fee = 1 [
(gogoproto.castrepeated) = "",
(gogoproto.moretags) = "yaml:\"denom_creation_fee\"",
(gogoproto.nullable) = false


Backwards Compatibility

The solution outlined above is fully backward compatible since we are just adding a new module.


  • Allow subspace admins to create their custom denominations enabling custom tokenomics


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