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Version: 2.3

Updating your Desmos fullnode

These instructions are for fullnodes that are running on previous versions of Desmos and would like to update to the latest testnet.

1. Reset the data

First, remove the outdated files and reset the data.

rm $HOME/.desmos/config/addrbook.json $HOME/.desmos/config/genesis.json
desmos unsafe-reset-all

Your node is now in a pristine state while keeping the original priv_validator.json and config.toml. If you had any sentry nodes or full nodes setup before, your node will still try to connect to them, but may fail if they haven't also been upgraded.


Make sure that every node has a unique priv_validator.json. Do not copy the priv_validator.json from an old node to multiple new nodes. Running two nodes with the same priv_validator.json will cause you to double sign.

2. Upgrade the software

Now it is time to upgrade the software.

Go into the directory in which you have installed desmos. If you have followed the installation instructions and didn't change the path, it should be /home/$USER/desmos:

cd <installation-path> 

# E.g
# cd /home/$USER/desmos

Now, update the desmos software:

git fetch --all
git checkout tags/$(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)
make install
Select another version

The above commands checks out the latest release that has been tagged on our repository. If you wish to check out a specific version instead, use the following commands:

  1. List all the tags
    git tags --list
  2. Checkout the tag you want
    git checkout tags/<tag>
    # Example: git checkout tags/v2.3.1

If you have issues at this step, please check that you have the latest stable version of Go installed.

Your full node has been cleanly updated!