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Version: 2.3

Developers Overview


Desmos aims to provide developers a platform on which they will be able to create decentralized and censorship-resistant social network applications. To do so, we've implemented a set of transactions that are useful to perform the most common operations related to this world. If you want to know more about the base concepts of a blockchain and understand some key points, please take a look a the FAQ page.


Before digging into the available transactions, let's clarify the meaning of some terms that we will be using a lot.

  • A profile contains a series of (personal) data associated to an account that a user can create on the chain;

  • A post is a public message that everyone can read on the chain.
    When creating it you can also specify if it allows to be commented on or not;

  • A comment is a post that has been linked to a parent post;

  • A reaction is the way that allows users to express a feeling on a specific post;

  • A subspace is a "zone" where a specific app or more apps can live on and share contents;

If you want to know more about how we store the data on-chain and all the chain types, please refer to the "Types" section.

Performing transactions

If you want to know more about performing transactions to change the current chain state, please go to the "Transactions" section.

Querying data

If you want to know all the GRPC endpoints and CLI commands available to query the existing chain state and the saved data, please go to the "Queries" section.